The FAKE Coronavirus Scare

Wherever you are out this month of December, don’t let tyrants and unconstitutional mandates and lockdowns ruin your Christmas Season. For some people, it will be their last, don’t lose that time with them.

Don’t wear a mask. Hang out with your friends and family. Travel if you want to, and make sure you shun and publicly ostracize anyone who acts like a snitch and rats their neighbors out for having family gatherings or denies someone service for not wearing a mask.

Every single lying, hypocritical, demonic elected Democrat & RINO (which is all of them) who mask shames and tells you to not travel or have gatherings were maskless on Thanksgiving, stuffing their faces, gathered around a table with family & friends.

There can easily be citizen journalists and activists camped outside the airports and homes of Democrat & RINO elected officials this Christmas ready to catch their COVID holiday hypocrisy on camera.

It’s time to name & shame the hypocrites.

People died to Protect our Freedoms, don’t let the news media control how you live. Use common sense.
We have a messy lil thing called the US Constitution, that protects all of us.
With the internet, we are all Digital Soldiers,
Stand Back and Stand By,,

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