Safe or Free?

The next couple of weeks in These United States of America, are going to be very telling, in regards to the 2020 Presidential Election. If Biden is certified as the winner, Conservatives & Patriots are going to know that a very organized Political Machine stole a election and our Democracy & US Constitution, are no longer part of how we are governed. If Trump’s team proves voter fraud & is certified the winner, Antifa/BLM/Liberals/SJW’s are going to claim this election was stolen from them. Either way, I feel we are heading towards a modern day Civil War, with the world wide web, we all are/can be Digital Soldiers. I am grateful, I am physically in the Lone Star, prior to the Election starting, as I just had a bad feeling. I will not be leaving Texas, unless it is a family emergency, for awhile. We are so divided as a country, that I doubt that there is a bridge strong enough to support any kind of common ground. Another country could come right now & completely take us by surprise. Let me be completely honest here, if we were under attack, (active war) I honestly cannot say I would be defending all US Citizens, just because you came here, were born here, does not mean you love America & the US CONSTITUTION. I would help & defend my fam/friends/children/patriots, but why defend my enemy, that may be my neighbor? Would my haters have my back, against Terrorists or would they let me get smoked? If my words offend you please block me, as I need to know who I can trust. If you support Socialism/Tyranny against Democracy, I strongly recommend you don’t run to me as your first line of defense, as I surely would not want your help, so I can get shot in the back. I truly don’t TRUST YOU. Men and Women are just as dangerous. By Any Means Necessary, means exactly that, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. I never, ever thought I would have to let my enemy smoke my enemy, but the enemy, of my enemy is my friend. American is a great Nation, when We Stand United. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Stand Back and Stand By. “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery”

Thomas Jefferson

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