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Is Donald Trump the greatest President ever in the history of the USA? Many say yes.

Consider this. When Barack Hussein Obama left the Office of the Presidency in  Protected content , America was in a social, security and economic abyss. Obama was responsible for the lowest employment rate in 40 years, 95 million Americans lost their jobs under Obama. American home ownership the lowest in 50 years, although Obama manipulated mortgage rates at an artificial low. Obama economic policy resulted in 11 million Americans on food stamps, resulting in 43 million living at poverty level. 1 out of 6 men in the USA between 18 and 34 either incarcerated or unemployed.

By the time Obama left office, he was responsible for accumulating more debt than every USA President before him combined. Obama left the country with a debt of $20 trillion. The cost of Obama’s job-crippling regulations exceeded $873 billion. This includes $344 billion in EPA regulations alone. During Obama’s eight years in office, Americans lost 300,000 manufacturing jobs and, a global trade deficit of over $732 billion. This is the horrible, devastating legacy inherited by President Donald J. Trump.

Now President Trump. All the doom and gloom above for the everyday American is about to get a whole lot better. Beginning with the stock market attaining record-breaking numbers, exceeding 25,000 points for the first time ever and the fastest 1,000-point gain in the DOW’s history. In fact, under President Trump, the DOW reached its 100th record during his election.

In one year, President Trump created 400,000 manufacturing jobs reaching a ten-year high. According to the Labor Department in July  Protected content , American workers saw the largest increase in wages and benefits over the previous twelve months under President Trump, since September  Protected content . The Labor Department reported in early September  Protected content American wages in the previous year grew at the fastest rate since  Protected content . In April  Protected content , unemployment in the USA fell to 3.9%, the lowest level since  Protected content . Also in April  Protected content , the number of job openings hit a record high, actually exceeding the number of unemployed Americans looking for jobs. The Labor Department reported that the youth unemployment rate in July  Protected content to its lowest level in 52 years. This includes Black, Hispanic and Asian unemployment rates hitting record lows.

President Trumps GDP grew by 4.1 percent in the second quarter of  Protected content , marking the fastest economic expansion seen in a sitting Presidents first year in office.

President Trump appointed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and soon to be Brett Kavanagh.

Revitalized Policy blocking foreign aid to Mexico City from being used for abortions.

Cracked down on illegal immigration and “sanctuary cities.” President Trump rescinded Obama’s abuse of Executive power giving amnesty to illegal Aliens to DACA.

Architect of historic tax cut that will put money back into the pockets of more than 80 percent of everyday, hardworking Americans.

Withdrew the USA from the Paris Climate Agreement, ending the threat of U.S. governance by international bureaucrats; and unequal funding ratio, the Lions share being expected from the USA.

Reversed burdensome Obama environmental policies that gave EPA autonomy over the energy sector and revoked landowners’ rights.

Ram-rodded the USA’s energy division by restricting regulations, enabling the Keystone XL Pipeline, and access to expansive BLM land to oil and natural gas exploration.

Rebuilt the USA’s depleted military while simultaneously destroying ISIS and brought North Korea aggression and posturing to an end.

Issued Executive Order enforcing First Amendment protections for religious freedom.

Revoked Obama’s Dept. of Education’s Executive order forcing public schools to allow gender-confused males access to girls’ restrooms and locker rooms.

Cracked down on sex trafficking. President Trump signed a law allowing states to move against sex-ad Internet sites. Obama turned a blind eye.

Overhauled the mismanaged Veterans Administration, allowing veterans a more vast array of health care choices.

Replaced Obamacare incrementally, beginning with a repeal of the individual mandate.

Imposed economic sanctions on Venezuela’s socialist dictatorship and revising Obama’s deals with Cuba.

Recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and repairing damage that Obama did to the USA -Israel relationship.

Worked with Central American nations to crack down on violent MS-13 gangs.

Okay, will stop there. Quite a step-up from the disastrous policies of Obama. Please weigh in with your thoughts, critiques, disagreements, consents, all and everyone welcome ?

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