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*Johnny Goble of Paintsville, Kentucky is a convicted felon, that beats on women, intimidates witnesses, has a drug problem and serious mental issues. 

BREAKING NEWS, Johnny Goble is going to court for DOXXING!
Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear signed Senate Bill 267, also known as the “Anti-Doxing Bill,” into law in April, making it a crime to disseminate personal identifying information with the intent to intimidate, abuse, threaten, harass, or frighten. The new law became effective on June 29, 2021 and is one of the first of its kind in the country. In addition to potential criminal penalties, the new law also provides Kentuckians, and their immediate family and household members, with a private cause of action to recover potentially extensive penalties, including punitive damages and attorney’s fees awards, against disseminators who violate the law.
To bring a civil claim, a Kentucky resident’s personal identifying information must be published, posted, or otherwise disclosed to a public internet site or public forum. The law defines “personal identifying information” as information that identifies or reasonably can be used to identify an individual. Examples include, but are not limited to:
Social Security number or other government-issued identifier;
Date of birth;
Home or physical address;
Electronic-mail address or telephone number;
Financial account number or credit or debit card number;
Biometric, health, or medical data, or insurance information; or
School or employment locations.
For a Kentucky resident to successfully bring a claim, the disseminator must have intentionally disseminated the personal identifying information with an intent to intimidate, abuse, threaten, harass, or frighten. Further, the dissemination is required to cause a reasonable person to be in fear of physical injury to himself or an immediate family member or household member.
Plaintiffs who prove these elements may recover their actual damages, punitive damages, court costs, as well as attorney’s fees from disseminators of the personally identifying information. All persons found liable are jointly and severally liable with others who commit the same violation, potentially creating financial risk for those who share posts containing personally identifying information. The law specifically omits broadband internet access service providers, telecommunication service providers, interconnected VoIP provider, mobile service providers, and commercial mobile service providers from civil liability when acting as a provider of those services under specific federal laws.
To minimize any impact this law may have on the business community, companies may want to consider adopting an acceptable use policy for internet access they make available to customers, vendors, members of the public, or employees, in consultation with counsel. In addition, Kentucky’s adoption of the Anti-Doxing Bill provides a good opportunity for businesses to review their data privacy and protection policies.

Dagburn Johnny Goble (DJG) is now running for City Council in his hometown of Paintsville, Kentucky and thinks he is gonna change the narrative on how a city is governed, lol. You have to have thick skin to be involved in politics, trust me. The people of Paintsville will let their voices be heard at the election booth and he will then realize how many supporters he really has.

DJG now is accusing people of Horrific crimes against Children and has allegedly drawn the attention of some people that don't play nicely. I see a lot of potential pain, suffering and regrets on DJG's life. FAFO

"There's no difference in between a Racist and someone who uses Racism to be a Racist"
Stacie R.

We Learned This Behavior From These People, They Just Don't Like It, Because It Is Now Happening To Them!


The people listed below, are confirmed White Supremacist's and/or
White Supremacist's Sympathizers that will be exposed here and on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. We are now including the people that allegedly participated in the 2020 Presidential Election Fraud that was organized by the Radical Left Democrats, that helped Dominion steal a election. These people are Socialist/Communist that need to be exposed!
The Devil's Reject's have ripped back the curtain of Racism, Hate for Law Enforcement that these Communists have been hiding behind. They may potentially be contacted (electronically, verbally or by 3rd party) to be offered to participate in a new Social Experiment on Obedience to Authoritive Figures and focusing on the Conflict between Obedience to Authority and Personal Conscience.  This Social Experiment will be conducted during the 2022-2023 calendar year, with final results to be publicly released in March of 2023. This will be conducted by the Alumni of the Milgram Experiment, the Devils Rejects.

The following people, fucked around and found out.
 *Next to name indicates Alleged Election Fraud
#Next to name indicates person that supports White Supremacy.
Johnny Goble in Paintsville, Kentucky
How far are you willing to go, to bring potential harm to others, that don't share the same ideology as you? We learned it from you, remember that. If you would like to be a willing participant in the Devil's Rejects Electro Shock Experiment, please drop them a line at the following mailing address. The Devil's Rejects 845 Farm to Market Rd 666 Ruggsville, Texas The First Amendment states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

The Milgram Shock Experiment

Mr. John Patric, of Ruggsville, TX and Stanley Milgram, a psychologist at Yale University are glad to announce they will be starting a new Social Experiment on Obedience to Authority Figures and Focusing on the Conflict between Obedience to Authority and Personal Conscience. Mr. Patric ran ads in the Saturday Evening Free Press and on numerous Social Media Platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the response has been nothing but short of amazing. This study was conducted 5 years ago and it verified the original study in 1963. Each participant will be offered $4.50 as a fee for their case study. Are good hearted people capable of harming others if they’re told so? Feel free to read about the original case study HERE

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