Milgrim Shock Experiment, Devils Rejects.


The people listed below, are confirmed White Supremacist's and/or

White Supremacist's Sympathizers that will be exposed here and on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. We are now including the people that allegedly participated in the 2020 Presidential Election Fraud that was organized by the Radical Left Democrats, that helped Dominion steal a election. These people are Socialist/Communist that need to be exposed!
 The Devil's Reject's have ripped back the curtain of Racism, Hate for Law Enforcement that these Communists have been hiding behind. They may potentially be contacted (electronically, verbally or by 3rd party) to be offered to participate  in a new Social Experiment on Obedience to Authoritive Figures and focusing on the Conflict between Obedience to Authority and Personal Conscience.  This Social Experiment will be conducted during the 2022-2023 calendar year, with final results to be publicly released in March of 2023. This will be conducted by the Alumni of the Milgram Experiment, the Devils Rejects.

*Johnny Goble of Paintsville, Kentucky is a convicted felon, that beats on women, intimidates witnesses, has a drug problem and serious mental issues.

Most people probably think they already know all they need to know about Mr. John Goble, but I have some new information to bring to light. Before I get to the main points of this letter, let me issue a couple of disclaimers. First, I unmistakably dislike John. John is a crapulous, unethical smear merchant who wants only to promulgate partisan prejudice against others. Second, John definitely dislikes me. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s because I’ve said in the past that he populates various unaccountable think tanks with members of his junta. One such organization, the Institute for Poststructuralism Research, recently wrote a 500-page report condoning robbing Peter to pay Paul. Despite the report’s egocentric message, John claims that we should turn the world’s most civilized societies into pestholes of death, disease, and horror. The truth is that we are better than that. The truth is that one of John’s legatees once said, John’s ignorance is just as good as our knowledge. Now that’s pretty funny, of course, but I didn’t include that quote just to make you laugh. I included it to convince you that John claims to nurture free thinking among his apologists. This is completely false. John nurtures only thoughts that align with his unscrupulous agenda. His apologists are free to think whatever thoughts John pre-approves, such as that John wants only to live in fellowship and peace. We must build a new understanding that can transport us to tomorrow if we are to ensure social harmony. Then again, that notion has been popular for as long as propagandism has existed. It is quite true, of course, that his polemics are as troubling as his insistence that he’s a titan of formality and rectitude. But he recently wrote a Strategic Privatism Plan. If you ever read it, you’ll see that it documents his intent to force his moral code on the rest of us. Shortly thereafter, John wrote a Strategic Bourbonism Plan, which is all about undermining liberty in the name of liberty. John is apparently fond of strategizing. It’s also rather apparent that when John was first found leading people towards iniquity and sin, I was scared. I was scared not only for my personal safety; I was scared for the people I love. And now that John is planning to reduce meaningful political discussions to my team versus your team identity-based politics, I’m unquestionably terrified.
While self-justification may motivate haughty, jaundiced misogynists, the same announcements also work well for prudish goof-offs. The key point here is that John’s hate sheets are mired in a tsunami of bad ideas, full stop. Although John wants to open new avenues for the expression of hate, if we fail to lead a jacquerie against him, then we have no one to blame but ourselves. His pleas are so chuffy that if allowed to go unanswered, their final cost would be incalculable. When surveyed, only two percent of his pals agreed with the statement, John’s wisecracks are the epitome of insensitivity. This is a frightening statistic to those who rely on, or simply support, social tolerance and open-mindedness.
I assert that I speak for both men and women when I say that I once made the offhanded comment that John is esurient for extreme power and exorbitant wealth. He responded by lashing out at me, accusing me of all types of stuck-up behavior. John’s reaction shouldn’t be too surprising. After all, this is who he is. This is what he does. And this is why I, for one, contend that John operates on an international scale to condone universal oppression.  And sensible people know that John’s confidants hate whomever John tells them to hate. Nevertheless, when it comes to accepting or rebuking John’s foolish tractates, we are faced with the same choice that Moses gave Israel: good or evil, light or dark, life or death, freedom or slavery. One shouldn’t need to think too hard about those options to realize that John is not particularly articulate. The last point I’ll make is this: Mr. John Goble can pervert any established ideology.

"There's no difference in between a Racist and someone who uses Racism to be a Racist"
Stacie R.

We Learned This Behavior From These People, They Just Don't Like It, Because It Is Now Happening To Them!


The following people, fucked around and found out.
 *Next to name indicates Alleged Election Fraud
#Next to name indicates person that supports White Supremacy.
Johnny Goble in Paintsville, Kentucky
How far are you willing to go, to bring potential harm to others, that don't share the same ideology as you? We learned it from you,remember that. If you would like to be a willing participant in the Devil's Rejects Electro Shock Experiment, please drop them a line at the following mailing address. The Devil's Rejects 845 Farm to Market Rd 666 Ruggsville, Texas The First Amendment states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

The Milgram Shock Experiment

Mr. John Patric, of Ruggsville, TX and Stanley Milgram, a psychologist at Yale University are glad to announce they will be starting a new Social Experiment on Obedience to Authority Figures and Focusing on the Conflict between Obedience to Authority and Personal Conscience. Mr. Patric ran ads in the Saturday Evening Free Press and on numerous Social Media Platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the response has been nothing but short of amazing. This study was conducted 5 years ago and it verified the original study in 1963. Each participant will be offered $4.50 as a fee for their case study. Are good hearted people capable of harming others if they’re told so? Feel free to read about the original case study HERE

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